• Written by Sarah Exton
  • RadioHaha
  • Thursday, August 1st, 2019

Garrett Millerick: SMiLE ★★★★

Millerick opens with commentary on his previous show “Sunflower;” before plunging straight into humour surrounding his wife’s near-death trauma. Dark, but all in good jest!

Millerick’s ‘SMiLE’ is a wonderful “FUCK YOU” to almost everything and everyone. From “morally bankrupt flesh sacks” to Millennials who seem to be angry about everything. ‘SMiLE’ shows the absurdity in our obsession with being unhappy. Whether it’s Gordon Ramsey’s ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ and the joy we get from watching a world renowned Chef bully small restaurant owners; or Emma Thompson’s support at the Rebellion Extinction protests – People just seem to be “taking holidays in other people’s misery.”

Starting off quite slow to begin with, the pacing of the show itself could be better. It’s not until the final 20 minutes, Millerick finally finds his stride, and maintains a more enjoyable momentum. However, in fairness, it was the first day of the Fringe, a time when everyone is trying to find their rhythm.

Nonetheless, I did enjoy Millerick’s show. As a proud Brit, I found the performance surprisingly cathartic – I mean, who doesn’t enjoy watching someone complaining about everything, and saying things that most of us wouldn’t say out loud? Millerick approaches topics from an angle that you’re shocked to agree with.

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