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  • Wednesday, August 1st, 2018

Garrett Millerick :- Sunflower ★★★★

There is no mistaking that Garrett Millerick has a comedy talent that is as solid and steadfast as the man himself, but the usually glass half empty style was going to be put on hold for 2018 and he was going to do a funny, happy show to counteract some of the awful things of this year to date. The fliers were printed and then something happened.

But fun and happy don’t really fit with the man and his normal style. He hates going on holiday, although his wife loves to, cue stories about Australia; he doesn’t do politics, in fact he is a ‘professional time waster’ paid to take away, for an hour anyway, worries and to entertain.

He has wide ranging material, a comedy trip to Cyprus, the sale of a Brit Award from a performer having hard time, the deliberate ‘sabotage’ of a photo being just three of the highlights, all delivered in his loud, compelling style, the man really doesn’t need a microphone at all.

And then there is the event that changed everything, and brings about the change of demeanour and delivery, a story that brought out a different side of the performer I thought I’d never see. It is worth seeing the way he handles, and jokes about, this occurrence for it’s own merit alone.

Millerick is wrong. He is not a timewaster. Far from it

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